GreenBuild 2009 BL02 iGreen: How the Web Empowers Designers to Build Sustainably


Jill Fehrenbacher @jillfehr

Emily Kemper LEED-AP @theGDC

Quilian Riano @quilian

Cameron Sinclair & @casinclair

Anchor: Joel McKeller LEED-AP

Convened by: Barry Lehrman

Session brief

Learn how the Internet is being used as a powerful tool for education and collaboration around the world.

Join [us] for a discussion of how the Internet is advancing the practice of green design around the world. We will offer insights into emerging trends, review some of the latest cool web resources, and share how to leverage a presence on the web into community action.

This panel was inspired by Postopolis and the disenfranchisement of the Emerging Green Builder track at GB08 in chicago, where Cameron was the keynote speaker, but the sessions were all off site on the Navy Pier, not in McCormick Place.

Our panel is pioneering the use of webcams to bring together the panelists from 4 different locations: San Diego, Portland, New York, and Liverpool in an almost carbon neutral presentation. (Gotta figure the webservers and our computers have a small footprint).

A huge thanks to Joel McKeller for stepping up at the last minute to be our anchor and host in Phoenix, and to Sara Haywood of the USGBC for working with us to make the webcast possible.

Emily, Quilian, and Jill live on the web at Greenbuild

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