2009 in review

Last year, I had the pleasure of participating in Archinect’s year-end feature: Predictions 2009.

2009 will be a tipping point for a better world
we will start doing something about climate change
we will all give a damn
social equity will become bigger then capitalism
we will design for the other half
infrastructure will stop being grey
we will eat good food
we will breath cleaner air

It does seem that 2009 was a tipping point and that momentum is growing to deal with the major environmental, economic, and social issues that we all face.

While COP-15 wasn’t all that it could have been, I’m encouraged by the change in the dialog from debating if climate change is an issue, to debating how to address it. $100 billion is a start to assist developing countries, but certainly not enough. As

Don’t know if we have all started giving a damn – but at least the hedonistic aughts have ended.

Social equity – not sure on this one as I haven’t been paying much attention to this with everything else I’ve been up to.

There are folks that are designing for the other half – just read the New Yorker article on stove designers and it looks like providing better stoves to the world has gone mass market!

I’ve been doing my part to teach about green infrastructure – there is still too much grey infrastructure in the pipeline. But in the long run, there seems to be greater awareness by policy makers that infrastructure doesn’t require concrete.

Not sure if local food is better, but I’ve been trying to be more of a locavore and having fun growing my own food (when it’s not frozen in minnesota).

The air did get cleaner! this is one of the silver linings to the great recession. I’ll post the link if I can find it.

Happy & healthy holidays to all my friends!


2 thoughts on “2009 in review

  1. Barry,
    Not sure if local food is better within context of carbon cutting when you actually do the math.. There is so much conflicting data. But i think there are many other positive upsides to the planet, your health and spirit.

  2. Nam-

    You made the very first comment on the infrascape design blog!

    Yes, the problem with ‘local’ food in a northern clime is the energy required to preserve it for the winter or to grow it out of season. Several of my students explored aspects of local food production this semester. drop me a note if you want to read there papers.

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