Owens Lake & LA Aqueduct Bibliography

To enhance the collective reading of The Infrastructural City organized by Mammoth, here are the highlights of the bibliographic sources from my research into Owens Lake for ‘Reconstructing the Void: Owens Lake’ and my thesis project (circa 2005). Drop me a note if you need help locating any of these sources or find new items that need to be added. #mammothbook

Owens Valley

Bishop Visitors Center; Welcome to Bishop 2003 Press Kit. Bishop California

Center for Land Use Interpretation, ‘California’s Owens Valley’, The Lay of the Land, Summer 2004

Department of Defense; Checklist of Birds, Edwards Air Force Base, California. Department of Defense. Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. (Version 23JUN00)

Ewan, Rebecca Fish; A Land Between – Owens Valley, California. Baltimore, John Hopkins University Press, 2000.

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James, Greg, Dennis Williams, et al; Green Book for the Long-term Management Plan for the Owens Valley and Inyo County. Bishop, CA: June 1990.

Gary LibecapChinatown: Transaction Costs in Water Rights Exchanges The Owens Valley Transfer to Los Angeles’, (NSF Grant 0317375). [This paper explodes the myth that Los Angeles ‘stole’ the water from the Owens Valley, and why the farmers were eager to sell.

Olson, Wilma R; Olancha Remembered. Sacramento, CA: W.R. Olson 1997

Putnam, J. & G. Smith, editors; Deepest Valley: A Guide to Owens Valley, Its Roadside and Mountain Trails– 2nd Edition. Palo Alto: Genny Smith Books/Live Oak Press, 1995.

Sharp, Robert & Allen Glazner; Geology Underfoot in Death Valley and Owens Valley. Missoula Montana: Mountain Press Publishing 1997.
Timmer, Kerri L.; Troubled Water of the Sierra, Sierra Nevada Alliance

Varnelis, Kazys; Points of Interest in the Owens River Valley. Culver City, CA: Center for Land Use Interpretation, 2004.

Wood, R. Coke; The Owens Valley and the Los Angeles Water Controversy – Owens Valley as I Knew It. Stockton CA: University of the Pacific, 1973.

Owens Valley Committee

LADWP Owens Valley Operations

Inyo Water

USGS Owens Valley bibliography

Owens Lake & the Dust Mitigation Project

Agrarian Inc.; Agrarian’s Control Measure Development Strategy on Owen, Lake Bishop, CA: Agrarian Inc.

Agrarian Inc. ; Agrarian’s Approach to Project Development: the Design Spiral. Bishop, CA: Agrarian Inc.

Cahill, Thomas, Thomas Gill, Jeffery Reid, Elizabeth Gearhart and Dale Gillette; “Saltating Particles, Playa Crusts and Dust Aerosols at Owens (Dry) Lake, California”. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Vol. 21, pp 621-639 (1996).

California Division of Mines; ‘Soda Ash Industry of Owens Lake 1887-1959’, Mineral Information Service, Volume 12, #10, October 1959

CH2MHill 'Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Project - Phase 5 Project' 2005

Elmore, Andrew, John Mustard & Sara Manning; “Regional Patterns of Plant Community Response to Changes in Water: Owens Valley, California” Ecological Applications; Ecological Society of America, 2003 pp.443-460

Gale, Hoyt S., and F.L Ransome; Contributions to Economic Geology. “Salines in the Owens, Searles, and Panamint basins, Southeastern California”. United States Geological Survey Bulletin 580; Washington DC, Government Printing Office, 1913.

Gill, Thomas and Thomas Cahill;“Drying Saline Lake Beds; A regionally Significant PM10 Source”. Davis, CA: University of California.

Gill, Thomas, Thomas Cahill, Scott Copeland, Brice White; “Sand fences for control of wind erosion and dust emission at Owens Lake, CA: 1. Full-scale testing, field deployment, and evaluation of effectiveness.” El Paso Texas: University of Texas.

Ligenfelter, Richard; ‘The Desert Steamers’, Journal of the West 1962.

Owens Valley Committee; Birds of the Owens Lake (version: march 2005)

Reheis, Marith, et al; “Potential Health Hazards of Owens Lake Dust.” USGS & Texas Tech

Sapphos Environmental; 2008 Owens Valley Pm10 Planning Area Demonstration Of Attainment State Implementation Plan Initial Study, 2007

Smith, George I. and James Bischoff – editors; An 800,000-Year Paleoclimatic Record From Core OL-92, Owens Lake, Southeast California. Boulder, Co: Geologic Society of America 1997.

Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District

2005 report

Water & the American West

Banham, Reyner; Scenes in America Deserta. Salt Lake City: Gibbs M. Smith, 1982.

Berger, Alan; Reclaiming the American West. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002.

California Department of Water Resources; Preparing for California’s Next Drought- Changes since 1987-92. Sacramento: Department of Water Resources, State of California, July 2000.

Cronon, William, et al- editors; Under an Open Sky – Rethinking America’s Western Past. New York: Norton & Co, 1992

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Reisner, Marc; Cadillac Desert. New York: Viking, 1986.

Smythe, William; The Conquest of Arid America. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1969.

Turner, Frederick J; Frontier and Section. New York: Prentice-Hall, 1961.

Los Angeles Aqueduct

Davis, Margaret; Rivers In The Desert: William Mulholland And The Inventing Of Los Angeles. New York: Harper Collins Publishers, 1993.

Fogelson, Robert; The Fragmented Metropolis – Los Angeles, 1850-1930. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1967.

Forrest, Aaron; LA Aqueduct Atlas, 2002 [97mb download!!!]

Kahrl, William L.; Water And Power: The Controversy Over Los Angeles’ Water Supply In The Owens Valley. Berkeley: University Of California Press, 1982.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power; Annual Owens Valley Report 2004-05 Runoff Year. Los Angeles: May 2004/

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power; Los Angeles Aqueduct flow data 1913-2003 Unpublished .

Morrish, William; ‘The Urban Spring: Formalizing The Water System Of Los Angeles’/ Modulus 1984, No.17, P.44-73. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press.

Mulholland, Catherine; William Mulholland And The Rise Of Los Angeles. Berkeley: University Of California Press, 2000.

'General Profile Los Angeles Aqueduct' from the Complete Report on Construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, 1916 -click to enlarge-

Mulholland, William 1916. Complete report on construction of the Los Angeles aqueduct; with introductory historical sketch; illustrated with maps, drawings and photographs. Los Angeles Department of Public Service.

Santa Clarita Valley History

Lippencott Photo Collection

The Los Angeles River

Garcia, Robert, Erica Flores, Jules Ehrlich; The Cornfield and the Flow of History People, Place, and Culture. Los Angeles: Center for Law in the Public Interest, April 2004

Gumprecht, Blake; The Los Angeles River: Its Life, Death, and Possible Rebirth. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.

Los Angeles City Council Ad Hoc Committee on the LA River; ‘2004 Executive Summary’

Mayer, Robert; Los Angeles: A Chronological & Documentary History, 1542-1976. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Oceana Publications, 1978.

Orsi, Jared; Hazardous Metropolis: Flooding And Urban Ecology In Los Angeles. Berkeley: University Of California Press, 2004.

Ostrom, Vincent; Water & Politics: a Study of Water Policies and Administration in the Development of Los Angeles. Los Angeles: Haynes Foundation, 1953.

US Army Corp of Engineers; Hydrology and Hydraulics for LAR Revitalization Plan (Briefing to LA Ad Hoc Committee April 19, 2004).


California Department of Conservation/California; Geological Survey, Geologic Map of California 2002

Information Center for the Environment; Owens Lake Basin [Various digital maps] UC Davis 1997.

Stone, Paul, et al; Geologic Map of the Lone Pine 15’ Quadrangle, Inyo County, California. Washington, DC: USGS #i2617, October 17, 1997.

Stone, Paul, et al; Geologic Map of the Cerro Gordo Peak 7.5’ Quadrangle, Inyo County, California, USGS 2004 (SIM2851_map

USGS; Topographic Maps & Aerial Photographs: Owens Lake, California [Multiple scales/resolution] http://www.Terrraserver.Microsoft.com

USGS Topographic Map of Owens Lake 1934

USGS- National Atlas; Federal Lands and Indian Reservations- California [Map] Reston VA: USGS 2003 (pagefed_ca12.pdf)

USGS-NRCS; Annual Precipitation in California [map] Fort Worth Texas. 1999

Walker, Douglas, et al; Geologic Map of Northern Mojave Desert & Southwestern Basin and Range, California

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