Sustainable Infrastructure by Bry Sarte

Just got my examination copy of Sustainable Infrastructure: The Guide to Green Engineering and Design by S. Bry Sarte.  At first glance, it is everything that The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure by Shannon & Smets isn’t – full of  system diagrams, discussion of integrated design, and performance metrics. [Here is my Landscape Journal review of  Shannon & Smets’ book pdf.] But Sustainable Infrastructure lacks the sexy full-color images, high-quality printing, and beautiful book design effort of Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure, so it just screams ‘Textbook!’

If it was half the $80 cover price, I’d be more likely to utilize it in my Infrastructure, Natural Systems, and the Space of Inhabited Landscapes course next year, as it covers almost everything I’ve been wanting on the topic. If I had the time, I’d write my own book on the topic, but until then, Bry Sarte and Shannon/Smets are the go-to choices.

3 thoughts on “Sustainable Infrastructure by Bry Sarte

    • Nam,
      The book doesn’t explore the cultural or theoretical side of engineering/design, so you might find it rather dry. I’m still looking for a book that takes a critical stance and provides good metrics about infrastructure.

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