Infrastructural Art

A brief visual survey of infrastructure in art . (I’m gonna skip most of the great landscape photographers like Burtynski, Maisel, Adams, and Maclean).

Drawing from WEIGHING…and WANTING, 1997-98. Charcoal, pastel on paper.
Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.
© 2000 William Kentridge.

A Nicely Built City Never Resists Destruction, 1995, etching and aquatint, 11 1/2 x 15" © 1995 William Kentridge.

Hockney, Brooklyn Bridge

Hubert Blanz, Roadshow #5

Gordon Matta-Clark, Day's End, 1975

Gordon Matta Clark, Day's End, 1975, Pier 52, Gansevoort Street and West Street, NYC

Michael Heizer, Complex One

Robert Smithson, Fountain (Passiac, NJ)

Yutaka Sone


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