Sustainability Film Series ’11

Back in January, I fell into being part of the programming committee for the Sustainability Film Series that is being hosted by the University of Minnesota and The Film Society. The films that my students in LA 1001 are making will be featured on May 12th!

My friend and colleague who pulled everybody together (and who is the catalyst for many amazing sustainability collaborations at the U), Beth Mercer-Taylor’s email announcing the series:

*Sustainability Film Series 2011* is an innovative and exciting collaborative series of films and panel discussions designed to generate awareness, conversation and debate around current issues in sustainability. The Series features local premieres of visionary documentary films that explore sustainability, followed by panels of vibrant and informative discussions comprised of leading academics, community leaders, and proactive citizens who present and exchange ideas and views on current and local trends in sustainability.

*Sustainability Film Series 2011* is a collaborative, multi-venue project that represents a partnership between *The Film Society of Minneapolis-Saint Paul* , the *Bell Museum* , the *Institute on the Environment (IonE)* , with support from the *Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)*  and *Take-Up Productions* .

Look for [the poster] around town and on campus.

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