shifting seascape of wind

Good showcases some of the newest ideas in offshore wind turbines that seem inspired by NIMBYism or maybe not-within-my-horizon ism. Some of these ideas are don’t seem very grounded in reality, but at least they’re being floating out there (pun intended).

Another goofy concepts that violate every turbine siting rule (for horizontal axis wind turbines) by squeezing them too close:

[There is really interested research from 2010 about an order of magnitude increase the power density of wind farms possible from using vertical axis wind turbine sited using the physics of schooling fish in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy here & here.]

Just a reminder of why off-shore wind is such a big deal:

There is potentially triple the usable wind energy off-shore!

I really do think that wind turbines are a beautiful  enhance to any landscape as they provide both a contextual marker that can anchor/frame a view, and for their phenomenological function of making the hidden (the wind) visible, like a more functional version of Ned Kahn’s art.


A ‘wind art’ postscript: there is an interesting profile of Theo Jansen in The New Yorker (September 5th, 2011 issue) that asks some existential questions about his wind powered art and provides the personal back-story for the Strandbeests’ invention. Hadn’t known about the sustainability inspiration behind the Strandbeests before – they are intended to create sand berms around the netherlands to help weather rising sea level. hmm, perhaps I need to post about ‘wind art’…


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