Renewable Energy Art – Horst Glaesker

Horst Glaesker paints wind turbines. Not pictures of wind turbines, but entire 100m tall turbines in psychedelic colors that are more akin to dazzle camouflage than to art. Gotta admit, I’m pretty skeptical about ‘aero-art‘ actually being art (even when subscribing to the definition of art being whatever somebody calls art).

Maybe it’s just a case of cultural mistranslation of Glaesker’s Tutonic style. But these color schemes and geographic patterns won’t win any over any opponents to wind development. I would also hazard to guess that the paint job won’t prevent any bird strikes either.

via inhabitat

1 thought on “Renewable Energy Art – Horst Glaesker

  1. i’m not sure this could be the right solution to preserve landscape. I try to guess this in some historical parks like for istance Appia park.

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