Map of the Day – 1957 LA Freeway Masterplan

The freeways of Los Angeles often defy logic – like why the Santa Monica Freeway (Interstate 10) and the San Bernardino Freeways (Interstate 10) do not directly connect or align – but back in 1957 there was a master plan for paving the entire metropolis.

[click for larger image]

For better or for worse, most of these proposed routes never came to be or had vastly different alignments.

Via Nathan Master’s ‘Six Unusual Maps of Los Angeles’. The Freeway Map map is courtesy of the Metro Transportation Library & Archive. [Update 2/2016 – the first version of the map was created in 1947, updated in 1953, and then again in 1957 as shown here]

As a bonus, ‘Six Maps…’ also includes a map of the Zanja Madre and El Pueblo from 1868 from the collection of the Los Angeles Public Library.

Also found the 1857 Ord Survey of Downtown that enveloped El Pueblo with the Cartesian grid here.

[Click image for a zoomable version]

From UCLA, Special Collections, Young (Charles E.) Research Library

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