Narrative Los Angeles

For my 2nd year BSLA studio at Cal Poly Pomona this spring, I’m taking the students on a 3-day tour of narrative landscapes around the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

View 203L 2012 Narrative Landscapes in a larger map.

Here is the FINAL ITINERARY:  LA_203L_Field_Trip_LOS ANGELES [pdf]

From high art to outsider art, petroglyphs to historic places central to the founding of the city, the Southern California landscape is embedded with narratives. We’re avoiding most of the kitsch and crassly commercial in search of the authentic genius loci. Okay, the Getty Villa is perhaps one of the most gauche gardens in existance, but there is something worth learning about this over-the-top display of narcissism.

Tentatively, here is the itinerary:

Monday 4/16

Tuesday 4/17

Wednesday 4/18

  • Getty Museum [yeah, the Irwin Garden is closed..]
  • LA Aqueduct Cascade
  • Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  • Watts Towers Art Center
  • Barnsdall Art Park

Other sites of interest

  • Rubel Castle
  • Sanchez’s Beer Bottle Chapel
  • Slab City, CA
  • Integratron
  • Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum
  • Sky Village Outdoor Marketplace
  • High Desert Test Site
  • Nit Wit Ridge
  • Sheep Canyon Petroglyphs
  • Petroglyph Canyon
  • Granite Mountain – petroglyph site
  • Chuckwalla Spring – petroglyph site
  • Blackrock Well – petroglyph site
  • Anza-Borrego Desert State Park – petroglyph site
  • Old Woman Mountains Wilderness Area – petroglyph site
  • Old Woman Mountains Wilderness Area – petroglyph site

More about art landscapes around Joshua Tree at the NYTimes.

Stay tuned for pictures!


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