Stock Check Infographic of the Day

From the BBC comes the global resources stock check infographic and the question:

If we fail to correct current consumption trends, then when will our most valuable natural resources run out?

Visualizing All The Non-Renewable Resources We Have Left | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

Methodology is here [pdf].
Date created: June 2012
Creative Direction: Duncan Swain and David McCandless
Design: Piero Zagami
Research: Miriam Quick

Not quite a Hubbert’s Peak diagram for everything, but Zagami managed to make a cleaner version of the infographic (below) that I’ve previously shared. Think I’ll start using this version in my lectures.

Its much sexier than the simple bar charts of peak resources shown below. (Do we need sexy infographics to get the point across?):

Certainly a spiraling bar chart is easier to read (especially because there isn’t a vertical scale indicated) then this:

Fig. 5. ‘Peak Everything’ data from
Limits to Growth: The Thirty Year Update,
Meadows et al, 2004.

There is much to be gained by bringing all resources into one chart, as lots of small charts are hard to read and you can’t directly compare the trends (note the shifting units on the vertical scales):

So what does all those line graphs look like together?

Saving the best for almost last, Scientific American has an interactive graphic of how much is left?

More peak everything diagrams on Zerohedge.

Spotted via Fast Co.Exist.

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