2030 Palette

Architecture 2030’s new 2030 Palette might just be the design tool I’ve been dreaming of – a built environment performance simulation tool that works across site, district, neighborhood, city, and regional scales. What isn’t shared yet, is the underlying methodology and data used the calculations.

If Palette is just another fancy case study browsing interface (there are plenty of those already), which is all that the screen shots and interactive tour feature, then I’ll be sorely disappointed as we desperately need a performance tool that transcends scale and integrates buildings into the larger landscape.

Once I have a chance to test it, I’ll post more. Really hoping Ed Mazria and crew have delivered. If they have, I’ll probably use Palette as the core in one or more of my studios next year.


1 thought on “2030 Palette

  1. Hi Barry,

    During the Beta, we will be building and revising the content of the 2030 Palette, including images, resources, and new strategies. We will be developing and adding “In-Depth Information” sections and sources to all Swatches over the coming months, leading to a free-access full public release in November. As Information sections are added, we will announce them on the 2030 Palette blog. The Swatch “Solar Shading” has a full set of In-Depth Information sections.

    The 2030 Palette focuses on concept and schematic development. And while it will provide in-depth information and sizing procedures, is not intended to be a substitute for a simulation or detailed analysis of strategies, applications, and infrastructure and building designs.

    We appreciate your interest in our work.
    Architecture 2030

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