Plane Spotting

Toured LAX’s airfield with my LA301L studio on Monday 10/26 to see what we could see. Highlights include the Argo Ditch, sculptures by Ball+Nogales, and several A380 taking off!

D7K_0649 2400
D7K_0652 2400
D7K_0620 2400

Argo Ditch (north side of the airfield)

D7K_0695 2400
D7K_0699 2400
D7K_0746 2400
D7K_0754 2400

D7K_0771 2400

Our amazing LAX Community Relations tour guide, Harold Johnson at the Argo Ditch.

D7K_0760 2400
D7K_0741 2400
D7K_0740 2400 D7K_0739 2400
D7K_0730 2400

D7K_0797 2400

Public Art

D7K_0576 2400

Airfield Operations

D7K_0608 2400

D7K_0856 2400 D7K_0883 2400 D7K_0864 2400 D7K_0863 2400

D7K_0808 2400D7K_0858 2400D7K_0523 2400 D7K_0540 2400


D7K_0505 2400
D7K_0826 2400 D7K_0821 2400
D7K_0588 2400
D7K_0557 2400
D7K_0545 2400

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