Landscape Futurist 2018

Had the pleasure of being the final speaker in CPPLA’s spring 2018 lecture series with a talk titled “Landscape Futures” that covered my recent scholarship visualizing the interface between infrastructure, ecology, and culture.

You can watch my entire talk on Facebook:

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The rest of my slides are below.

The story begins in the fall of 2009, when I stepped away from practice at the depths of the great recession, to pursue my curiosities as a teacher and scholar. I was (and still am)…

  • Curious about how to create more sustainable and resilient cities
  • Curious about how to measure and model the performance of landscapes.
  • Curious about how to transform our legacy of single-purpose infrastructure into vibrant multi-functional places.

Dry Futures

My of the award winning entries from the 2016 Dry Futures competition, I’ve already shared this work  at the 2016 Landscape as Necessity conference at USC, and the 2017 WaterReuse California Conference.


Chapters in Water Index, Land Art Generator Initiative’s Powering Places: Land Art Generator Initiative, Santa Monica, and my upcoming article in Journal of Maps about the Sankey map from Aqueduct Futures Exhibit.

Parametric Patterns

Ongoing research into dust mitigation for dry lakes and understanding patterns generated by parametric design tools (such as Grasshopper3d).

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My Fall 2017 sabbatical project was the R&D of animated water meter display, the InfraDRIP (Infrastructural Display of Real-time Information for Persuasion) prototype making it’s public debut…

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InfraDRIP – first light

InfraDRIP – water meter testing

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