Teaching Like I Give A Damn – swag!

[back by popular demand 9/30/2011]

As I wrapped up my book review [PDF] for Landscape Journal last night, I fact-checked some information about landscape architectural graphic standards directly at the publisher’s website.

Wow! many of their titles have this invitation:

Evaluation Copy

Instructors may request an evaluation copy for this title.

It’s like being a kid in a candy store! For the past few years since heading back to grad school, my budget has not allowed purchasing many books – being a professor and getting good books certainly beats out lunch-n-learns from jimmy johns or pizza hut. Yes, this is a faustian bargain with the implicit agenda of the publishers is to get me to select their book as the text for a class and to sell dozens of copies. I also know that from now on, I’ll be bombarded with emails and catalogs for the next decade or so.

So my initial whack at the piñata was for the textbook I’ve already assigned: Yeang, Ecodesign – A Manual for Ecological Design

and these books I’m curious about:

Yeang, EcoMasterplanning
Kellert, Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science, and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life
Girardet, Cities People Planet – Urban Development and Climate Change 2nd edition

There were several others that I’m tempted to ask for, but I don’t want to get to greedy – though why do I hesitate?

So a call to all those other professors and instructors out there, what other publishers offer ‘evaluation copies’ to the ivory tower?
mit press

I looked at Rizzoli, Timber Press, and a few others, but didn’t see anything worth requesting that I didn’t already have.

I can add Johns Hopkins Press – they charge a reasonable $5 shipping

routledge has a 60 day review period for some titles

University of Pittsburg Press just wants a faxed on letterhead request and $5 shipping per book

others for your list:
Princeton Architectural Press
Thames & Hudson

–I haven’t had a chance to review these publishers offerings or examination copy policy, but they’ve published some interesting books that caught my eye on Amazon:

island press
tayor and francis

yale press – great for history and contemporary theory

Yale University Press offers an outstanding collection of course books and we are happy to provide exam copies to qualified instructors who wish to consider them for adoption. Our examination copy policy is as follows:

Paperbacks priced $20.00 or lower:
Return it to us by fax or mail to request an exam copy. Enclose $6.00 for each book requested to cover shipping and handling.
(No need to return the book after examining.)

Hardcovers and paperbacks priced over $20.00:
We will send you an exam copy for a 90-day trial period. If you notify us within this time frame that you have placed an order for ten or more copies at your local bookstore, you may keep the book as a complimentary desk copy. Alternatively, you may purchase it at a 20% discount or return it to us.

We are happy to provide desk copies to instructors who have already adopted our books. Please use our online order form to request a desk copy.

* We can only mail books to the following locations: U.S., South America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. Requests from all other locations should be directed to Lisa Kemmer at our London office.

earthscan publisher: You can order up to three books that you feel might be suitable for the course(s) you teach.

Books will be sent on a 60 day inspection invoice after which they can either be adopted onto a course, bought by the lecturer for their own personal reference or returned to us.

All we ask is that you take the time to fill out the questionnaire that accompanies each publication. The feedback we receive from you is essential to the development of a publishing programme most suited to your requirements.