Visualizing the interface between infrastructure, ecology, and culture

Infrascape Design is the research and teaching blog of Barry @ Tongva Park, Santa Monica, CABarry Lehrman, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. Barry is a registered Landscape Architect (MN License #47285), who teaches the design of large-scale landscapes, advanced design methods, urban design, green infrastructure, climate adaptation and sustainability. His research focus is on visualizing the interface between infrastructure, ecology, and culture to make a more resilient and beautiful world.

A landscape futurist, Lehrman utilizes emerging design methods and technology to poetically visualize the dynamic connections between water, energy, ecology, and culture. His work and advanced courses embrace prototyping environmental sensors that measure and visualize the hidden world around us, to using parametric design tools to envision multifunctional infrastructure that integrates ecosystem services, cultural meaning, and technical criteria.

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