Mobile Mapping

Google Street View Tools (and more) for Remote and In-Person Instruction

Thanks to a CPP $24,975 Special Projects to Enhance Classroom Experience (SPICE) Instructional Innovation grant, has established ENV’s Advanced Design Computing + Sensing Laboratory, features an array of mobile mapping tools and a powerful Dell 5820 workstation. With these tools in AY21/22, Lehrman is conducting a pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of student generated Google Street View Content and Immersive Video for remote and in-person instruction. See blog post.

GSV+ Proposal

Instructions/Inventory for the Mobil Mapping Gear:

One Drive Repo: Google Street View Tools (and more) for Remote and In-Person Instruction

Insta360 Pro 2 Camera


  • Insta360 Stitcher
  • Mystika VR

Zoom H2N Ambisonic Digital Audio Recorder

Car Mount

Backpack Mount/Monopod

Rover GNSS unit fits in the main compartment of the pack.

Modeling the DIY Google Street View Trekker pack with the GPS Rover/Antenna (before the Pro2 Camera was delivered) – August 2021

VR Stand/Tripod

NOTE that the Robus RCM-439 Monopod is 1mm narrower than the Manfrotto VR Pole that the VR stand is designed for, so please do not remove the tape shim to ensure a snug fit.

GPS/GNSS Base Station/Rover



Testing the GPS Rover (left in the open Trekker pack) and Base Station (right)

Dell Precision 5820 Workstation

Workstation Cart

The barn find! A Bretford ECILS2M 18×24 Projector Cart with a CPU Locker!

Upgraded the cart with a set of 6″x3″ and 10″x3″ castors, a 5u locking drawer for the VR headset, new 12 outlet power distribution strip, and VESA mount. Might add a grip arm to mount a VR sensor and a graphic wrap to cover the beige CPU locker…

Almost completed cart (2 weeks before the Dell 5820 is supposed to be delivered – thus the cardboard and twin-wall stand-ins)

VR Goggles

  • Pending