Physical Computing

The lack of new posts to Infrascape Design in 2019-2020 can be attributed to my all-consuming deep dive into creating the Physical Computing Collection for the Cal Poly Pomona Library and Maker Studio. Funded by a $24,500 CPP instructional innovation Special Projects to Improve Class Room Experience (SPICE) grant, the collection’s bill of materials included 1200+ line items (each which required research and comparison shopping) and took 116 orders from 25 vendors to realize.

Primary fabrication and kitting took three student assistance, myself and my son six weeks over the summer of 2019. Additional fabrication and ordering continued through AY20/21, and cataloging items to circulate in the library is on-going.

During to COVID pandemic shutdown, the entire Physical Computing Collection was transferred to my faculty office, and hopefully will be returned to the library for Fall 2021.

7/3/2019 first round of items delivered!

7/24/2019 Setting up the soldering station.

7/29/2019 Kitting the Course Discovery Kits

7/29/2019 Soldering!

Collection items cataloged as of 3/2020 and available in the CPP Library (call numbers LEH1 to LEH167 and counting):

Dev Board/ MCU/SBC Kits27
Multi-functional Boards4
Networking/IO/ Memory/Logic56
Power Supplies39

This is just a partial inventory, as the collection includes thousands of replacement components (resistors/capacitors/LEDs/Diodes/ICs/power regulators and more), plus an extensive inventory of other components, hardware, tools, packaging, labels, and other bits.