Infographic of the day – life in 2050

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One year ago, there was survey by Pew Research and the Smithsonian that explored what Americans think life would be like in the year 2050. 53% believe ordinary folks will travel in space, and 74% think that most of our energy won’t come from fossil fuels. Now GOOD and Column Five Media have turned the survey into an infographic.

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Roadmap to sustainable design

The folks at Living Principles (with help from AIGA), have just rolled out a new tool for defining sustainability. They didn’t write a new manifesto, but mapped all the different systems, metrics, and manifestos about sustainability from the past 50 years!

It’s not just the seductive interactive infographics, but their attempt to document the breadth of the sustainability movement that has me crowing about The Living Principles with a post

Spotted via Good,