Just watched Gasland, the chilling documentary by Josh Fox, about the horrific environmental and health damage being caused by ‘clean’ natural gas wells across the country. The film is a must see for every citizen of the world (or maybe just the USA) who cares about the balance of power between corporations and individual, and clean water and air. But we never should have gotten to this point of deregulation and malfeasance by¬† the oil & gas energy industry to be killing people and destroying the adjacent habitats.

As citizens, it is imperative that we contact our representatives about S. 1215 & H.R. 2766 the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals (FRAC) Act, to stop the unregulated pollution of our air and water by the oil and gas industry. The BP leak in the Gulf is a fraction of the toxic releases everyday in the production of natural gas across the nation.

Dead cow next to a gas well in Louisiana

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