78 Resonable Questions to ask about any Technology

via mindfully and written by Stephanie Mills for the defunct Clamor Magazine, i.18, Jan/Feb 03.

Old news, but worth sharing as a reflection of what I’m thinking about this summer.


  1. What are its effects on the health of the planet and of the person?
  2. Does it preserve or destroy biodiversity?
  3. Does it preserve or reduce ecosystem integrity?
  4. What are its effects on the land?
  5. What are its effects on wildlife?
  6. How much and what kind of waste does it generate?
  7. Does it incorporate the principles of ecological design?
  8. Does it break the bond of renewal between humans and nature?
  9. Does it preserve or reduce cultural biodiversity?
  10. What is the totality of its effects—it’s “ecology”?
  11. Social

  12. Does it serve community?
  13. Does it empower community members?
  14. How does it affect our perception of our needs?
  15. Is it consistent with the creation of a communal, human economy?
  16. What are its effects on relationships?
  17. Does it undermine conviviality?
  18. Does it undermine traditional forms of community?
  19. How does it affect our way of scene and experiencing the world?
  20. Does it foster a diversity of forms of knowledge?
  21. Does it build on, or contribute to, the renewal of traditional forms of knowledge?
  22. Does it serve to commodify knowledge or relationships?
  23. To what extent does it redefine reality?
  24. Does it to raise a sense of time and history?
  25. What is its potential to become addictive?                  Continue reading