147 tips for teaching sustainability

Just bought 147 Tips for Teaching Sustainability: Connecting the Environment, the Economy, and Society by Timpson with a who’s who of sustainability (David Orr & more). Yes, I do occasionally will spend my own $$$ on books. Got a bunch of great tips that will enrich both class that I’m teaching this semester (LA 1001 and LA 4002). While it seems aimed at k-12, the book seems useful for folks teaching higher-ed, and even nursery school too.

My favorite tips are:

30.Compare Needs With Wants

35. Understand How Classrooms Can Teach

47. Use Precaution as Wisdom

55. Remember to Save the Humans

99. Look Twice at What’s Disturbing

101. Emphasize Soft Skills and Hard Sciences Equally

106. Encourage Specificity

126. Change Periods into Question Marks

140. Create a Peer Culture of Behavior Change.

& my favorite:

130. Be a Wide-Eyed Skeptic and Demand Precision

This is my new motto for the spring. Are you a wide-eyed skeptic that demands precision too?

Tip # 148 – this book is worth reading if you give a damn about the future of the planet and find yourself anywhere near a classroom!