Praxis and Sponsored Studios

Prof. Lehrman is seeking projects for sponsored design studios that address sustainable design and planning issues that are not being addressed through traditional consulting services and that provide learning opportunities for the students at Cal Poly Pomona.

Projects should focus on the interface between infrastructure, cities, and ecosystems. Sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy, public water supplies, green roofs and stormwater, urban heat island reduction, and eco-city planning projects are welcome.

With over 15 years of practice as a landscape architect and urban designer before he began teaching full-time, Prof. Barry Lehrman (ASLA, LEED-AP) has experience with all aspects of sustainable design, green roofs and alternative energy, and infrastructure  projects.

Services available through sponsoring a design studio or MLA Capstone project/606 Studio include:

  • Landscape Performance Evaluation and Optimization
  • Feasibility and Environmental Impact Studies
  • Visioning
  • Master planning
  • Policy Development and Analysis
  • Public Outreach and Meeting Facilitation
  • Sustainability Training and Custom Curriculum Development

606 Studio

Potential 606 Studio projects must meet the following criteria:

The academic studio environment offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to explore issues and possibilities. Because it functions within an educational institution, the 606 Studio bears the responsibility to maintain academic integrity, advance the state of the art, and contribute to the public well-being. However implementation concerns and client needs demand that projects have a strong practical base, as well as display technical and professional expertise. Projects undertaken by the Studio are expected to satisfy the following criteria:

  • They must address significant issues concerning resources and the physical environment, with broad implications beyond the boundaries of the project site, and sometimes beyond the immediate concerns of the client.
  • They must promise to result in significant benefits to the general public.
  • They should be complex, requiring the application of advanced methods beyond those routinely used in the field.
  • Sufficient time and support must be available to explore all promising approaches, to do a thorough job, and to communicate the results clearly and completely.
  • The results must become public information.

Please contact Prof. Lehrman for more information about sponsoring a studio or a 606 project.