Aqueduct Futures

Commemorating the centennial of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, the Aqueduct Futures Project is developing a roadmap towards resilience and sustainability for Los Angeles and the Owens Valley. Involving 157+ Cal Poly students in sponsored courses and research, work from Aqueduct Futures has been exhibited at Los Angeles City Hall and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition. has the entire project…

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3 thoughts on “Aqueduct Futures

  1. I have a proposal and solution for LA DWP and also Owens Valley that will soon appear as a 3 installment OpEd in the Inyo Register. No one has come up with this proposal -solution that should satisfy just about everyone on all sides of the issues regarding Owens Valley Water and may even satisfy DWP. I am an Owens Valley Native , and my folks homesteaded in the Owens Valley. I also worked for DWP for over 30+ years.

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