LAX Interstitial

LA301L Fall 2015 Topic Studio

Source: Wikipedia

As the gateway to the metropolis, LAX is a 3,425-acre void in the urban fabric. This studio will explore opportunities to address contemporary urban and ecological issues in the vast interstitial zones between the aviation and logistics hardscapes.

Projects in this 301L.02 will explore mapping landscape systems, visual variables and pattern generation, and use/event theory to support the final project.

Course Goals

Upon successful completion of this studio, students will gain the following design frameworks and methods:

  • Graphically evaluate ecological & technical systems in the landscape, documenting their processes, flows, nodes, topologies and spatial arrangement, boundaries and limits, and interactions with other system.
  • Express landscape systems as integral design features.
  • Use visual variables in the quantitative mapping of landscape systems and in the design graphics.
  • Generate pattern-based design framework that respond to the context and supports specific design goals or parameters (such as noise reduction).
  • Develop site-specific programming supported by the designed features, materials & plants, spaces, surfaces, and systems.
  • Refined ability to construct a clear
  • Integrate design fundamentals into the development & presentation of landscape design project.

We’ll be focusing on designing landscapes that improve air quality and handle storm water (like my Winter 2015 Texcoco Green Lungs Studio), plus tackle landscape noise reduction strategies inspired by Buitenschot Land Art Park by artist Paul De Kort and H+N+S Landscape Architects.  [Can’t share too much about Buitenschot in this post, as creating a case study about it is the first assignment].

Source: Schiphol Group

Stay tuned for work from the class.

On the note of landscape of noise, found these amazing maps created by the National Park Service! Check out the link for the 12mb high rez versions.

Human Generated Sound

Natural Conditions

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